About me

As a child I was a creative. In university all of my fashion illustrations were more about the “person” instead of the garments and yes, they all had big lashes. However, longterm, there was always an underlying yearning to be able to be able to work with people who were after a holistic transformation, working on self acceptance and understanding their worth reflecting that through a makeover and photographic experience. Once I became a mum of three, yes very blessed, I moved away from fashion and enjoyed several years as a makeup artist and still photographed women. Photography was always a part of my education and hobby. It was another skill that enabled me to work especially with women and see how they shine from within when someone shows them their true potential, especially in a day and age when the influence of media has taken its toll on people’s self esteem - I was lucky to have been aware of the power of an image in our society and its’ value whilst keeping true to one’s identity.

My background in the creative field lead me to a full time journey to portrait Photography. It was only then that I felt my work was complete, when these skills were finally combined and brought heirloom artwork to clients. The best decision I have ever made! My mantra is about exemplary service and what my team and I can create for you, your business and your loved ones in photography - it is growth in every way. It all begins in how we see ourselves and how we interact with others - even in front of the camera. My skills in makeup artistry, fashion skills and as a portrait photographer, are a fusion of passion style, blended in providing the highest service for every client, regardless of age, size or confidence, the experience of feeling and looking like a celebrity on the front cover of leading fashion magazines. There is particularly an immense sense of achievement is working with women whom are not used to being in the limelight and being able to give them the opportunity to shine and see themselves on a very different level, “the best version of themselves”, is a priceless gift. So you can trust that you are in safe hands.

The past 6 years have my work has shown me many times that a portrait experience has the ability to assist in personal development as well as relationships as it really brings people closer and their emotional connection becomes tangible with artwork. I aim for my work to reflect the timeless essence, honesty and raw emotion of my subjects, to make it a treasured legacy, marked in time.

To be able to do what I love, is the ultimate gift that I can share with you. To be able to give you value and incredible service where you can shine and feel empowered, is a dream for many and a reality that together we can manifest. Imagine there are no boundaries and imagine you can feel so wonderful about yourself amongst a trusting team and inviting environment. We can do that. We will and that’s my promise to you.
With Love,

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